Lyssa Junek

Lyssa Junek graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside with a BA in Theatre Arts.  During college, she found her love for theatrical combat.  Her professors realized her skill with the sword, and even changed the role of Tybalt, in Romeo and Juliet, to a female.  She pursued her passion, after she moved out to Los Angeles, and found Jan Bryant and Dan Speaker’s school, The Academy of Theatrical Combat.  In order to fill her appetite for action, she has also joined theatrical jousting troupes, like The Hanlon-Lees Action Theatre and Maxx Empire Joust, and has performed around the country, for almost a decade.  In these action packed shows, you can find her weilding a sword on the ground, and galloping on a horse around the field.  When she isn’t performing, you can find her behind the camera on various shows and movies.  These two worlds combined, when she worked in the props department on Deadliest Warrior, where she helped make the weapons/armor for the TV show.  She aspires to be an inspiration for women, by proving that hard work and determination can create female action heroes.


Watch Lyssa perform at Comic-Con 2012!