Interview with Skyrim Parodies Creator Kristen Nedopak, Cast & Crew

Interview with Skyrim Parodies Creator Kristen Nedopak, Cast & Crew

Expert Comics scored a series of interviews with the Skyrim Parodies cast and crew. Brett DaSilva (@BrettDasilva) first interviewed Kristen when she was doing her Indiegogo campaign for The Skyrim Parodies. Brett went on to interview several of us from the cast and crew of Skyrim Parodies after he saw all the fun we were having on set.


Interview with Creator Kristen Nedopak

Interesting story, and proof that even the most random of acts can lead to opportunities down the road. A few years ago, I came to the realization, as an actress, that I was not really working on anything exciting to me.  I decided to just start doing more things that I loved, even if it was just for the hell of it. I’m a HUGE fantasy lover … so I decided to take a sword fighting class at the Academy of Theatrical Combat. [Read the full article here.]


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These interviews took a bit of a different turn: Brett wanted to know about our involvement on set, but he also wanted to know about Comic-Con, our thoughts on Geek-on-Geek hate crimes, and for us to fill him in on any other current projects.

Interview with Lauren McFall (Lydia)

This was my first time handling a sword on camera but as a kid I ran around with the boys and a making a sword out of anything and having a “sword fight” was pretty much the norm. [Read the full article here.]


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Interview with Dane Storrusten (Art Direction & FX)

It’s exciting for me being the special FX guy in post because it’s really a huge impact on the production and cast/crew. You get to surprise everyone with it in the end, “Hey guys, remember all that green footage with you guys miming in thin air? Well, this is what it REALLY looks like!” [Read the full article here.]


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Interview with Patty Jean Robinson (Production Asst)

I met Kristen through the Academy of Theatrical Combat.   As an actor, and as a little girl in pigtails, I have ALWAYS wanted to be a pirate and to learn how to fight with swords. I took it as a sign. I’ve trained off and on with them for about three years now. [Read the full article here.]


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Interview with Helenna Santos-Levy (Forsworn)

 There is something really powerful about a bunch of awesome women supporting one another and helping each other along the way.  [Read the full article here.]


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