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The Skyrim Parodies nominated for an IAWTV Award at CES

“The Skyrim Parodies” Web Series Creator Kristen Nedopak garners Best Costume Design Nomination for 2nd Annual IAWTV Awards “I am absolutely overjoyed to be nominated for the IAWTV awards.” says Kristen Nedopak, creator of The Skyrim Parodies. ” I designed and hand-built all 10 costumes to replicate characters from the game. This is my favorite […]

Interview with Skyrim Parodies Creator Kristen Nedopak, Cast & Crew

Expert Comics scored a series of interviews with the Skyrim Parodies cast and crew. Brett DaSilva (@BrettDasilva) first interviewed Kristen when she was doing her Indiegogo campaign for The Skyrim Parodies. Brett went on to interview several of us from the cast and crew of Skyrim Parodies after he saw all the fun we were having […]